Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All Dogs Go To Heaven

It happened again…

Two years ago, I woke up about the normal time, grabbed Maggie, my dachshund, and put her on the floor, then headed off to the kitchen to start the coffee. A little while later, I noticed Maggie hadn’t followed me into the kitchen as normal. Curious to see what she was up too, I went to investigate. There she was…still in the bedroom. She would not move. I took her outside to potty and she attempted to stand but she obviously couldn’t.

The vet’s office ran some test and took some x-rays. When the doctor took me into his office for the consultation, I knew the prognosis would not be good.

He clipped the x-ray over the light as he explained that Maggie’s back was deteriorated to the point that she could not walk. He could give her some back treatments that would help her walk again or do surgery but it would not heal her back condition. Then he said she was in a lot of pain. I felt horrified. I had no idea she had been suffering. She never whined or cried out at all. Still climbing the stairs.

The doctor never mentioned putting her to sleep until I asked what he thought. He said it was my decision but he reiterated she was in pain and the treatment would only be a temporary fix. I decided to do the back treatments. I was not ready to let Maggie go yet. They started right away.

Over the next couple of days, I prayed and agonized over what to do. I did not like this ‘live or die’ decision-making. While I was out on the porch the next afternoon, the Lord gave me a vision.

I saw His hands came down and take Maggie lovingly from my lap as he spoke these words: “Here let me take care of her for awhile.” Peace flooded my soul at the Lord’s offer. I knew then she was heaven bound.

The morning after, I took Maggie outside to potty. I was standing about 10 feet away when I looked over at her. She was sitting with her eyes barely opened. I felt her communicating this message to my heart: I will be here for you as long as I can but I am really tired and ready to go home. Maggie was helping me to understand her heart. She was at the vet’s within the hour.

Now… it is my lab, Buddy. His knees are badly deteriorated. He is in a lot of pain. The vet said we could try the pain meds to see if they would help, if not…

For a couple of weeks, I tried to comfort and baby my Buddy but the meds were making him sick and I knew what needed to be done. Again I saw the Lord’s loving hands come down with the same loving response.

For one last time, my daughter and I took Buddy out to the Christian camp for one last romp. He swam in the lake and frolicked like a pup. It did my heart good to see the measure to which Buddy enjoyed life all the way up to the end.

Have you lost a beloved pet recently? Animals are so important to our lives. They bring us joy, they alter our perspectives, and they give us loyalty and devotion like no other. When we lose them, it is like we have lost our best friend …so, if it has happened…take time to grieve. Afterwards, take time to remember where it all began. As the good memories roll, let the joy spill forth.

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