Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Jumper Cables Kind of Day

We all need infilling and refueling as we walk the 'Road of Righteousness'. I hope that as you read this song I wrote, you will feel a power surge from the Holy Spirit Himself. The song has no ascribed tune yet. However, as you read over and ponder the words, I pray the right tune for you will become evident.

I woke up just a moanin'
But I knew I had to keep a goin’.
My spirit felt on empty
So to my bible, I went a searchin'.
Soon the power was a surgin’
Cause Your words began emergin’.
It only took a few peaceful moments
In Your Presence to feel energized again.


It was a jumper cable’s kind of day.
I needed a jolt from you, Lord, just to start me on my way.
Drained of all the power on the trials of yesterday
So I needed a recharging before I headed out today.

The red line revives up the bloodline
And the black one is the prayer line.
When both these are connected,
Double power is sent from heaven.
Keep a tight check on the grippers
So the infilling can be quicker.
Soon my spirit starts a revvin’
Cause my soul has received the blessin’ (to go forth).

Begin your day with a scripture, a song or a melody in your heart. Even though your quiet time with the Lord each day may seem like it cost you, in the end, it will actually save you and keep you on the path towards victory.


  1. Cool song. I'd love to hear it after it's put to music. Let me know when that happens.

  2. Maybe someone will read this and be inspired...lol!

  3. i was inspired sis and thank you for the invite from facebook...*smiles*

  4. You are so welcome! Have a blessed day.