Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Challenge

I recently I had the opportunity to pray with a woman who had a very heavy heart over the friends and family she had been praying for for quite some time. She kept saying they should be able to see the truth about salvation with all the opportunities they had been given to hear it proclaimed, especially with the circumstances they were going through. I tried to explain with the following.

First, I reminded her that when someone has not received salvation they do not have the understanding of spiritual things. It is only when they allow God to manifest in their hearts that true understanding can come.

Second, everyone has their moment when salvation is plain enough for them to see. They will know in their heart what the truth really is. When God put people on her heart, He intends for her to intercede until their godly understanding comes. Perseverance is the key.

Third, God was using this time to stretch and mature her own faith and abilities as an intercessor. God was not only touching her family and friends through her prayers but He also wanting to touch her walk with Him as well. She thought it was only about others but God was ready to inspire both.

As we kept talking, what I saw in my spirit was an agitator in a washing machine swishing back and forth. What I heard in my spirit was “Washed by the water of the word.” (Eph. 5:26) Because of her standing in the gap with intercessory prayer, God was able to ‘agitate’ them with His love and presence. Her words of faith in prayer were like cleansing water washing over them so they could find the truth.

As I continued to pray and talk with her, I felt the Lord wanted to challenge her to change her thinking about the people in her care.

During Thanksgiving, I sensed she was to thank Jesus for their salvation and all that He was doing to bring them to the knowledge of the truth.  She was to stop looking at the present circumstances and focus on the victory of God promises.

Then afterwards during the Christmas season, she was to thank him for sending Christ into the world and into the lives of those she was praying for.

This process would not be easy. But if she would pledge to change her thoughts and focus, she would bring forth faith and a renewed sense of purpose while she awaited the fulfillment of His promises.

So I offer this challenge to each of you for those on your heart during this holiday season. Along with me, many of you have been praying family and friends for along time. Some of them will be with you during this holiday season.  Instead of thinking they haven’t changed a bit, pledge to use your faith and thank Jesus for their salvation. Thank the Holy Spirit for continuing to touch their hearts. Allow God’s love to flood into your soul and then flow out to each of those you are praying for no matter what  their present situation looks like.Then know when the time is right, they will see and know God too.


Remember…. With God, ALL things are possible. (Matt. 19:26)


  1. What great advice for those of us who have prayed for years for a family member's salvation. I'm taking this challenge.

    1. I am praying that God gives your a breakthrough!