Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Me Again

Here I am again, Lord.
Troubles I can’t face.
I tried to do it my way
And I didn’t use my faith.

It started out so innocent.
I thought it wouldn’t hurt.
If I took care of this and that
Save faith for “bigger” works.

All seemed fine for quite some time.
The way looked perfectly clear to me!
My wisdom helped me forge ahead.
My pride brought up the rear.

But today was the day of reckoning.
My plots and plans were revealed.
What my way had really cost me
And the path for me to heal.

So here I am again Lord,
With problems I have made.
I am asking for your forgiveness
And to help me find my way.

When I first wrote this poem and centered it from the left hand side, I noticed something. The shape of the poem became like an old-fashion oil lamp. When I began to imagine it lit,
 this verse came to mind:

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.
Psalms 119: 105

When you have troubles of your own making, where do you go to find the answers and the strength to see them through?

I would like to challenge you to do three things:

First, I challenge you to pray before you do anything farther. 
Not only will prayer open up the communication lines between you and God but He can also reassure you of His faithfulness, love and mercy. God is always there with you but He also waits for your permission to initiate His counsel.

Second, I challenge you to go to the word of God for His wisdom and direction. Sometimes, I go to the concordance and other times, I may go to a book of “God’s Promises” or to other books which teach biblical principles. If I need help interrupting the scriptures or putting my plan of action together, I go to someone who will be honest with me and not just tell me what I want to hear. Beginning to search for the Truth coupled with faith brings about answers if we search with our whole heart.

Last, I challenge you to wait before the Lord so the Holy Spirit can inspire your thoughts and guide you through the process of healing and/or restoring yourself from the messy situation. God usually does everything step by step so listen carefully and then do your best to obey what He is telling you to do. An honest effort before the Lord will keep Him ever present.

Troubles, although hard to go through, 
have always brought me closer to God. 
And that, my friends, is a true blessing.


  1. My daughter thinks this poem's shape looks like a lava change and so do perceptions!

  2. Your posts just get better and better. Blessings on the work of your hands!