Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Weary Warrior

Sometimes I have felt forgotten in this dreary and toilsome land.
I so wanted to be the strong soldier that God had in His plan.

But in the heat of battle, I forgot to follow His direction.
What happened next was the inevitable insurrection!

I went up and down the hills of life fighting with all “my” might
Thinking I was doing all that my Commander had in mind.
But suddenly I heard it out of the corner of my ear
His faint little whistle summoning me to come near.

I stood outside His tent of meeting to make sure I was collected.
And to see if there was anything I had knowingly neglected.
As I stepped into His presence and bowed down upon my knees,
He could see me shaking ‘cause I thought He wouldn’t be pleased.
Stand up and come closer child. You need some loving care.
I can see your heart is breaking. It’s full of such despair.
You needed to be summoned here cause you forget the way to fight.
And I wanted to remind you victory is not won by “your” might.

I looked up at His shining face into His eyes of love.
And felt almost simultaneously His arms around me snug.
Any fear I had that I didn’t meet His standards
Melted away immediately with His kind and loving manner.

Now listen to Me closely my child to what I’m about to say
So you will not get discouraged and forget along the way.
My commands are not as hard, if you follow My leading strictly.
Especially when the days are hot and things get a little sticky.

First, I want you near Me never leave My side.
Abiding is the answer for the age-old question of pride.
Next, only decree the words that you hear Me say to you
Until you see them happening and your faith has grown anew.

So what do I do in the middle when my dream seems so impossible?
And everybody is saying that I must have heard You falsely.
He cocked His head a little ways before He answered the question.
Why staying in My Presence child to master the art of intercession.

I raised my hands up high to proclaim the victory
And to seek the understanding that would finally set me free.
That’s the way my child. You have discovered the final key.
Always have that attitude of praise and thanks towards Me.

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