Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Widows

I attended my first Widow’s Meeting. It's strange to be going now after all these years. I have been a widow since November 30, 1993. I wish I had known of a support group like this back then. So why go now? I’m not sure why other then the fact that maybe I could offer other widows hope that there is life on the other side of grief. God does lead us to minister where we have trod.

There were several ladies there that were fairly new to this journey… younger…older…and the in between. As I scanned their faces and demeanor throughout the meeting, I could see their pain and their efforts to keep putting one foot in front of the other especially during this Christmas season. Most likely each of them are struggling with some form of loneliness or depression even when they are among groups of friends or family. And the barrage of questioning thoughts that seem endless. But mainly, what is ‘starting over’ going to look like for me? I still have many vivid memories and feelings of the beginnings of when I started my journey.

We played Christmas games before we ate lunch. I opened the first prize package. It was a cute yellow statue that spelled out the word HOPE. Then I opened the second gift from another game. It was a coffee cup that said HOPE too! That is when I knew I had been lead to this group of special ladies. Not only was I going to give them hope but I was going to receive hope as well. Fill my cup, Lord!

I have already come to a ‘new normal’ in my life. However, I still struggle at times with what is out there for me in the future. Does God have another mate designed for me? What do I do now that my children are grown and leaving home for good? But through all the questions, hope in God is what has sustained me through it all. I have learned to turn and stay with Him in a crisis. I have also learned to lean on Him when I am lonely. God has become the husband I lost. And oh...what a wonderful Husband He has become.

Have you lost a loved one during the Christmas Season or anytime for that matter? Take hope in the fact that God is right there with you. Cultivate His Presence in your loneliness so you can know the love and peace He has brought through the birth of His son, Jesus.

Do you know of someone who has lost a loved one? Be especially sensitive to their need for a little extra dose of confidence and cheer. They are struggling whether they let you know or not. Send them a card or drop by with a container of soup. In other words, allow God to use you as His hands and feet to comfort those who are in the mourning process. When you do, I know God will bless you too.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. How sweet and tender are your words. I'm going to send this post to a friend who has been grieving the loss of her mother this Christmas. I think it will be comforting to her.