Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Desire of My Heart

I received Billy Graham’s Training Center program guide in the mail today. As I thumbed through the speaker section, I came across one of my favorite authors, Lloyd John Ogilvie. Years ago, I had ordered one of his books for a penny from a new book club I had joined. The book was called The Other Jesus.  It was love from that first book onward because I appreciated the way he explained the love and care of God. I felt so accepted and treasured by God as I finished one book after another. His influence was a substantial catalyst in my quest for spiritual maturity.

Mr. Ogilvie’s written words are not the only cherished memory I have of him. The more I read his books, the more I desired to meet him in person. Now back then, I lived in a small town in Louisiana, no money for conferences and travel so the chances of meeting him were slim to none so I thought. However, that did not keep me from believing the impossible could happen “one day”. It was a dream, a desire, and a prayer in my heart that I kept tucked away for someday.

Well, two years later to my surprise and joy, God answered that heart’s desire. It came at a time when I needed desperately to know that God was with me and that he was hearing my prayers.

The excitement all started when my husband came home one day and said, “You’ll never guess who is coming to First United Methodist Church in Ruston, La.

“Who?” I responded expectantly.

“Lloyd John Ogilvie” he answered.

From that moment on, I screamed and jumped around for joy. Ruston was only 30 minutes from where I lived and the 3-night conference was free. I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

On the night of the first meeting, I was standing in a hallway, when suddenly the door beside me flew open and a very tall handsome man came in. As I looked up, I immediately knew who it was and a large smile was my first response. Mr. Ogilvie put out his hand for me to shake and said,

“Hi, I’m Lloyd John Ogilvie.”

As I stood there and talked with him, I knew by his loving responses that his books were genuine and he truly believed what he wrote. The memory of that divine appointed meeting has been a lasting testament that God hears and answers the desires of my heart.

Do you have desires hidden deep within your heart? God is listening to those secret desires whether it seems like it or not. Then, in His perfect timing, He smiles and watches us fill with joy as the long awaited event comes to pass. Don’t give up on your God-inspired desires. Have expectancy in your heart that one day, when the time is right, joy in an answered prayer will come your way.

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