Thursday, April 25, 2013

Which Shoe Should I Choose?

Recently in a picture the Lord gave me, I noticed I wore a different shoe on each foot. When I looked up, I saw two different pathways beckoning me to make a decision on which way I should take.

The way on the right was beautifully planted with blossoming flowers of all colors and tall trees in abundance. I found pleasure in this pathway because it slowly descended into a seemingly peaceful and pleasurable place. Yet, when I squinted to see the trail’s end, I noticed the beauty fading.  The flowers became fewer and the trees lost their leaves. The lost of life had been cleverly disguised in the background. Could the beauty of this path be hiding a deception in the end? Which shoe should I choose?

Then I looked over at the pathway on the left. It did not begin with the instant beauty of the other so I didn’t find this one quite so pleasurable. The narrow dusty upward climb looked difficult and tiresome. There were stones blocking the pathway, which would have to be dealt with periodically. I began to feel this one was totally wrong for me until my eyes reached the trail’s end. There in the distance, I could see flowers, sparsely at first but then opened up into an array of beauty. Though I could barely see that distant point, I knew it was a place I really wanted to go. Could it be the roughness of this path overshadowing the beauty of the ending? Which shoe should I chose?
Which one do you want to take? The Lord said.

The one on the left, I replied.
Then instantly my shoes became the same and the picture to the right faded from sight.

“Begin with prayer and never let up,” the Lord said, “and I will be with you the whole way.”

“Thank you” I said.

Lately, I have been at a decision-making place. The pleasant descending path is tempting but success is not a part of its ending. Even though the other path seems harder, I know its ending is everlasting.

Are you in a decision-making time? Which path will you choose?

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”
Psalms 32:8


  1. This is EXACTLY what I am facing. The road to SC seems easy and beautiful at first, and South Korea seems long. hard and slightly scary but I am starting to think it will be more beautiful in the e nd. PS: Would you like to share your testimmony or thoughts on my blog?

    1. Sure. How many words? And give me some time cause I have a bunch of things coming up.