Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blessing Breaks

Sunbathing and long walks on the beach have been the order of the day as I spend precious time with my son and daughter-in-law this week. I do not get to be with them much because they live busy lives eight hours away in Kentucky. However when they pass through on their way to the beach, I always hitch a ride. It is like a “blessing break”.

Here are a few scenes from my day on the beach. Just imagine being there too!

Rippling ocean as far as the eye can see. The sun is high in the sky.

Waves crashing on the shoreline, then spreading out like foamy fingers inching forward.

Blanket, beach towel, chair, cooler, and umbrella neatly placed on the sand.

Sunscreen on, sunglasses on, and a book at my side in case I want to read. With the iPhone playing music in the background, I can finally lend back and relax.

The warm breeze calms the spirit and the soul.

Barefooted beach combers …consistently walking by…some fully clothed, some not so much…young, old, rich, poor, some from distant lands, some from around town. They all seem to be looking for the peace that the ocean has to offer.

Two doves fly in…one is fine but the other one is missing a leg…one guards while the other rest. They are mated for life.

Children are building sand castles with brightly colored buckets. Stomp, giggle, stomp, more giggles…building the castle again.

Corded para-gliders floating across the sky like a jellyfish swimming across the water.

Children in perpetual motion…running back and forth, wanting to miss the incoming wave.

Banners flapping behind an airplane…Bargain Beachwear: Salt water taffy for 99 cents… Eagles: Hoodies were 19.99 are 4.99 NOW!

A man hunting for buried treasure with his metal detector gliding under the water back and forth.

Brave sea gulls inching up to visitors hoping for a little treat while hundreds of tiny-shelled muscles quickly dig a place of privacy again.

Shark tooth hunters with their long handled strainers are hard at work.

“After you have developed your eye to find the teeth, it is very addictive. That’s your only warning,” one man said.

“ You will never look up to enjoy the scenery again,” chuckled another man.

Sun is going down. Shake off the sand from blanket and towels. Load up your arms with the day’s supplies. It’s been a good day. See ya tomorrow.

You can take a “blessing break” right there where you are. Do you have any “vacation/trip” memories? Even though you may be busy today, take a few moments to close your eyes and relax. Allow your mind to recall a pleasurable time you spent with your family or friends. Recall the sights, smells, sounds, and the laughs in that moment. Do you feel more relaxed and peaceful now? Have a great rest of the day!

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