Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughts on Revelations

In August of last year, I asked the Lord where He wanted me to go in my Bible Study time. He lead me the Community Bible Study in my area. This is an international group whose mission is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our community through in-depth Bible study for all. They do not try to persuade anyone to believe a certain way but encourage everyone to pray and seek the Holy Spirit as each lesson is done.

When I went to the first class, I found out we were studying Revelations. I thought, Oh My! I’m not sure I want to study that book with all of the difficult imagery and the destruction of the world. Then,I thought it best to trust God’s leading.

At each meeting, we met in small core groups to discuss any insights we may have gotten when answering the questions in the workbook. Then there was a corporate meeting where there was teaching on how the scriptures from that day’s study applied to us today. I gain some wonderful insights as well as a sober mindset on future events.

Thoughts to Ponder

This is our Heavenly Father’s world and He is in complete control of all events. God is a God of love and mercy but He also requires that justice be served for the life each one of us has lived. If we have not accepted Jesus’s blood sacrifice for our sins, then we will have paid the penalty of rejecting Him ourselves.

Am I witnessing to others while there is still time?

There will be a collapse of life, as we know it today. The tribulation will be a time of intense testing and prosecution as never before for those who remain on the earth. We do not like to think about God allowing these catastrophic events. However, each step is necessary for the last of the decisions for Christ to be made and for God’s kingdom to come on the earth. Christians may go through some strong prosecution before the Rapture, but I believe we will be spared the brunt of the trials and testing.

Am I really ready for Christ’s return by following His directives or am I allowing worldly wisdom to influence most of my decisions?

The ending of Revelations is the greatest of all. Evil is banished forever, we are rewarded for what we have done in our lives, and best of all, we get to go and spend eternity with Him. What a blessed hope we have to ponder, as we face our present circumstances. There will come a time when God will say enough, call us home, and close the end of this age.

Have you thought about how amazing heaven is going to be lately? Are you looking forward to Jesus Christ return? Are you learning how to live in His Presence to overcome whatever lies ahead? I pray we all come to more of the knowledge of the Truth as we walk on towards eternity.


  1. Revelations can be tough to read. I really valued the notes in my Charles Stanley Bible when I studied parts of Revelation a few months ago. There are many lessons to be gained in Revelation. We've been talking more about the role of angels, and Heaven in my study group lately. As always, your posts hit home. God Bless!