Saturday, October 19, 2013

Standing On The Promises

My friend Josie asked me if she could tell me about a dream she had had and what I thought it meant. I knew depression had been trying to crush her lately so I was glad to help, if I could.

In the dream, Josie was lying down on the ground. A huge rock was on top of her so that she could hardly breathe. She struggled desperately. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, Josie could not get the rock off.  The dream ended.

Afterwards, I closed my eyes. I got the picture of a stick person (Josie) squirming and frantically trying to push the large rock off her chest. With my eyes still closed, I felt the Holy Spirit’s strength come up from my innermost being.  Then, I noticed the outcome in my vision started to change directions. As the stick figure continued to push and rest then push again, the rock eventually rolled away.  The rock did not move because of her power but after the power of the Holy Spirit infused her with His strength. As soon as the load was removed, Josie was able to stand up, climb upon the rock, and claimed the victory. When arms rose high, I saw the stick figure’s countenance glorify Jesus with all her might.

Later, I realized that the stick person could represent anybody with a ‘heavy situation’ on his or her heart. As, I sought the Lord; this is what He gave me.

Remain under the influence of the Holy Spirit. When we received Christ, the Holy Spirit came to live within us. It was like our soul was knitted together with His power. He is our seal of sonship so he never desires to leave us or forsake us. He job is to energize us with boldness and inspire us with godly wisdom and direction. If, we continually choose to obey His advice, the victory will manifest in its designed time. Half-heartedness or double-mindedness can hinder our progress so consistency is vital.

Replace your worldly vision with God’s proactive promises. The Holy Spirit inspired the Word of God. The Bible is His textbook. He leads us to the perfect promises. As we add our faith, then results are assured. We have to keep in mind that God was not born yesterday. He is not rushing around up in heaven trying to figure out what to do next. He knew about our situation since before we were born. Therefore, He has the completed plan already in mind. He does not have to guess what the outcome will be. Now, all we are required to do is pray, listen and choose to be lead by His Spirit. Remember…your faith is not in what you can do but what the Holy Spirit can do supernaturally through you and for you. Looking unto Jesus…. the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Reap the rewards for God’s kingdom. In order to stand upon the rock in the end, we have to consistently stand upon the promises until the situation completely disappears. Afterwards, we may have a clear understanding of why God allowed our circumstances to surface in the first place. We do not like going through these painful times, but the maturity gained in our spiritual understanding makes us soon forget the trouble we once had to endure. 

As the Holy Spirit reminded Paul, I will remind you:

My grace is sufficient for you:
for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

What is the rock that makes you breathless? Is it you’re...self-esteem, lack of direction or motivation, job, finances, spouse or children? Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the deepest root issue and then to the promises that will help you overcome. Mediate on those promises until faith arises. Then wait and see how the stone rolls away.


  1. I'm learning a lot about "resting" also. It's the times of resting in His Presence that strengthens me to push through the obstacles, the worries, and the stresses. I loved this Mary Jane. Thank you.

    1. Knowing and believing what Jesus has done for us on the cross is the key to opening the door to the room of rest. Blessings on your journey there.

  2. Mary Jane, I needed this so much. Because of the way my grandparents cut me down a lot, my self-asteem is low at times. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Love you!

    1. It is difficult when you are attack on a on going basis. I have been there too. But God will whisper to you of the righteousness and loveliness that He sees in you/Christ when you look to Him for your self-esteem...meditating on what God says about you. It is our confidence in God's love that we can handle the on going negative attacks. I pray you develop an overcoming mindset that will raise you above the troubled waters of their words. You are a strong woman that is deeply loved by God. Be blessed with HIs favor in the days to come. Look for His wisdom to help you over come. Love ya!