Friday, October 4, 2013

What’s A Snake?

Quite some time ago, I lived in a place called Lake Providence, LA. The town was built around this beautiful cypress crusted oxbow lake formed from the Mississippi River centuries earlier. We loved to go down to the lake and sit on the dock. You could catch catfish, brim, and bass and swimming anytime the weather permitted.

One day, while I was sitting out on the pier, I noticed a snake had caught a catfish and was proceeding to swallow the fish whole! When I walked over to observe, the catfish was halfway in. But as I stood there, I noticed the snake reversed his intent and began to release the catfish from his jaws. Soon the fish and the snake were gone.(Video of snake/fish)

Researched characteristics of snakes:

·      They can ‘unlock’ their jaw to accommodate any size meal they catch.

·      Their skin is expandable so the meal can go all the way in to be digested.

As I pondered on the spiritual implication, the Holy Spirit spoke up and said, “The snake is just a mouth and a tail.”

“Yes, but what do you mean by that statement?” I replied.

“The enemy has a big mouth. His mouth can only speak negatively about your past, the tail. He cannot proclaim or create truth so everything that comes out is a lie.” the Holy Spirit answered.

Yeah, I thought.He gains power by manipulating my thoughts and feelings to make me doubt whether I am measuring up to God’s standards. The enemy wants me to remain insecure about God’s love and the power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. So if I agree with the enemy, he will proceed to unlock his jaws and swallow me whole. Slowly and methodical, worrisome thoughts fill my mind as his mouth covers my head halfway. If the enemy of our soul can maintain control of my thinking and keep me double minded about God's love and forgiveness then he will be able to swallow me whole killing my passion and my destiny.

So…how should I think about our past sins then? Are they all forgiven?

If we confess our sins, his faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
I John 1:9

When I went back to study the Greek translation on this passage and others, I found out Jesus not only took all my sins (past, present, future) away but having to feel the shame, guilt, and condemnation of them too. I never have to think about the past again in a negative light. I use it to show others His amazing grace. If I allow these negative thoughts to swallow me up, then it is not God who is glorified in my ‘self-proclaimed humbleness’ but it is Satan’s lies that I am exalting. I have had a hard time believing the total scope of God’s grace but I am now opening my heart to believe. The result is I am experiencing freedom and boldness on a whole new level.

Are you struggling with thought patterns designed to sidetrack your progress? We all do. However, the ones who can see those patterns for what they really are, throw those destructive thoughts out and replace them with the Truth of God’s word. It may not be easy but it is life changing. Blessings to all who are reexamining the Truth that will set them free.

Then you will know the truth and 
the truth WILL set you free. 
John 8:32


  1. LOve the analogy Mary Jane! This is powerful.

  2. Thank you so much Nan! Blessings on your writing as well.