Friday, February 28, 2014

Answering the Call

I want you to think about evangelism in a different light today. Normally, we think of evangelism as going out into the world around us with the message of salvation by the cross of Jesus. However, I want to submit to you that evangelism/salvation can take place when we spread the love and encouragement of Christ as well. Evangelism is anything, which we can do that enables others to reach their full potential and bring total salvation and freedom to our fleshly souls.   

This past weekend I went to a writer’s conference with my friend, Jamie, who needed my set of eyes because hers have been blind since birth. Although, she can do all her computer work independently and has an excellent memory, she still needed help getting to class or an editor, and fixing her plate at mealtime. Jamie joked about her blindness so I joked back. At one point, Jamie started leading me because she walked faster then me!

After Saturday’s lunch, Jamie and I had some time alone. She requested my help with the discouragement she felt in her situation. She wanted to be reassured that God was with her. 

I told her about my own battle with discouragement and fear. Then, I wanted her to know that she was not “less than” because she was blind. She was deeply loved and highly favored by her Savior. God made her special and had a plan for her life in spite of what her present negative situation told her. Then later, after she arrived back home, discouragement wanted to return, I typed in Psalm 91 so she would be able to listen to it over and over again. I sensed she would need the reassurance that only God speaking through the scriptures could bring.

Later I got this email:

Hey precious friend,

I wanted to tell you thank you. This may seem strange, but before the weekend, I was praying and asking God if I could have some time together. And, obviously He answered that prayer. I loved the conference but I was at a place where I needed ministering to myself. I love the ministry God has given me, but I needed to not be the one ministering. And you sensed that I think. I needed to hear you say, "you're not less-than. That's the way I feel at times.  God really used you this weekend.

Love you, sweet friend! 

Jamie needs the help of others from time to time to get to where God has appointed her to be. I want Jamie to know, it was my privilege, pleasure and purpose to be of service to her as she seeks to do the will of the Father.

Are there people around you that God is beckoning you to approach and give of your time? People may need our help to advance to all that God has for them. The challenge may or may not be out of our comfort zone or take a lot of time, but the value of our generous encouragement and shared experience is priceless to the salvation of the soul on its way to full renewal.

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