Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ministry at McDonald's

It had been a long night at the hospital waiting on the arrival of the little one. I had not eaten much all day so about midnight; I was getting hungry. The only place to get anything to eat in the hospital was McDonald’s. I’m not a big fan of theirs but I decided a hamburger would do until morning.

I waited my turn in line along with the other hospital personal on their ‘lunch breaks’. When I got up to the counter, I ordered a hamburger and ice water. When the server brought it over, she told me it would be a dollar even. I reached in my purse for my wallet but it was not there. Frustrated, I told the server my wallet was missing and would have to go back upstairs before I could pay for it. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nurse hand over a dollar bill to pay for my burger. I graciously thanked her. She responded that she was glad to help out others when she could. I never saw her again.
When I returned to the waiting room upstairs, I found my wallet and told my son about the kindness and how much I appreciated God blessing me in that moment. He agreed.

The next morning, my son went down to the McDonald’s to have breakfast with two other relatives. He shared my story from the night before and then he declared,

“I would like to help others who are in need of a meal too.
Help was given to me and now I want to do the same for others.”

It wasn’t five minutes later until a scruffy old woman walked up to my son and asked if he would buy her a hamburger. He escorted the woman over to the counter. She ordered two hamburgers with extra mayo. Silence surrounded them as they waited together. After she received her meal, she left as quietly as she came.

As I pondered on this story, two questions kept coming to mind.

Was my missing wallet part of a ‘setup’ by God to start a chain of events He was already orchestrating? So many times in my life, when I have taken the time to look back, I can see how God was working for the good in a situation I think are worthless. I have allowed my frustration, disappointment in myself, or my embarrassment to overshadow the process. Focus on my negative feelings instead of allowing my praises to arise for God’s provision. The choice to fine-tune my attitude encouraged further ministry. My son caught the wind of the Spirit and pledged himself to do the same. My son not only helped with a meal but he also gave a living testimony to the relatives who had accompanied him for breakfast.

What if the nurse had not responded to the Spirit’s leading with a heart of generosity? She never got to see what her simple act of obedience fostered. When we submit to a prompting in a similar moment, we may never know what God has planned either. But the goal is not the credit but to have a heart that chooses to bless others.

When we choose to be apart of His plan, the Spirit can do amazing things!


  1. Love it. It's amazing how God works... His dollar menu blessing is priceless. Love you MJ. Great job.

    1. Thanks M! Blessings on you and your writings as well. Love you!