Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christlikeness: The Real Witness

Every Christian is supposed to be a witness. So…how DO we proclaim Christ?

I am learning that witnessing has more to do with how we present Christ through our attitudes and our lifestyle choices instead of our spoken words. We have been lead to believe our words to others is the most important element in witnessing when actually it is our actions and how we deal with our daily situations. When people are able to see Christlikeness in us, the Bible says, they will be draw to Him or Him in us. Then, when we have a natural opportunity to invite those around us into the Kingdom, they will have already seen the ups and downs of how God works through a believer and be able to make a lasting decision. Life with Christ is not always easy but it is well worth the struggle. Character, blessings and joy come as we persevere all the way through. And that is what we want to world to know through the way we live.

How do we develop Christlikeness in our lives? 

First, place yourself where you can learn wisdom from Christians older in the faith then you. 

Second, regularly study the scriptures especially the life of Christ and the Apostle Paul. 

Third, discipline yourself to use what you are learning for the decision-making you do everyday. 

Last, begin by using your faith for God to supply small things. As your trust strengthens in Biblical principles, God will help your witness to increase by giving you more opportunities to trust Him in bigger situations. In this way, trust in God can grow for you personally as well as your witness to God’s faithfulness. The promises of God are true but we have to experience each truth before it becomes real to us, before it becomes ours and before we can proclaim that truth to others. I wish there was a quicker or even easier way to learn but in the end it comes down to an act of your will to grow in the things of God to better your witness for Christ.

Are there issues in your own life, which keep you from proclaiming Christ with your whole heart? What is keeping you from being intentional about learning and demonstrating more Christlikeness in all that you do? Whatever the hindrances may be, you can overcome them with God’s love, wisdom and a resolve to listen and learn more about Him.


  1. Loved the graphics you chose to go along with your message. Great job!

  2. Ya know...I think I may just get out with my camera more and take pictures of God's creation to use on my blog. Can't beat His beauty!