Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m A Little Teapot

God uses everyday things to speak to us, if we will allow Him to insert His thoughts and guidance into our thought processes. 

This is what the Lord had to say about my teakettle as I continued to meditate on its purpose.

Mary Jane, you are like a teakettle designed for a certain task. First, your foundation (My love, forgiveness, acceptance) was made of copper ensuring your ability to withstand whatever amount of heat I required. Your sides were made of stainless steel so that you would not rust, stain, and could be easily cleaned as food (attitudes and actions of others) splashed on you while standing in your appointed place. The handle (God’s guidance) was made sturdy and securely fastened to avoid accidents.  When a situation designed for you arises, I will fill you with the proper amount of water/My word before setting you on/in My watchful eye to heat. A teakettle never worries over timing or the details of its location and neither should you. I will always oversee and guide every detail of preparation for any upcoming situation. Now, the only thing left to do is to wait patiently for the water/My word to become the right temperature/seal to your heart for use. Remember, it has been said a watched/worried pot never boils/becomes usable. The heat represents the external trials, temptations, or tests needed to convert the revelation of My word (promises) into a “proclaimable” form. You have to experience the promise as true revelation before you will be able to speak it forth with authority. Finally, when the steam of your sacrifices of praise begin to arise, that is My signal the process is almost complete. When the whistle finally blows, your readiness to serve in spite of extreme pressure has peaked. The process is finished and I can take you off the heat. Your praise in the “mist” of difficult situations helps to release faith to Me, my child, and faith invigorates My senses. The outpouring of the water into the appointed cup symbolizes your new territory, promotion and destiny for that moment in time. The lid on the waterspout serves to hold the whistle but it also ensures the right amount of water/My word will flow out into each situation. Too much or to little water can easily spoil the best intensions. Realize, my child, I need to remain in charge of that feature too. How often you will be used or moved, should not concern or worry you at all. Those details are highly guarded until the proper time. However, a willingness to serve whatever the cost is your concern. Therefore, continue to sharpen your skill of My word while maintaining a high level of humility. These two commands will always enable you to be a ready and reliable vessel for service.

We all want God to speak to us in our daily lives. It will take a little determination but I challenge you to look at your surroundings in a new way today. As you are going through your normal activities, take one object and see what God has to say to you. Think about the object’s purpose and how that relates to how you are to walk in Christlikeness. As you begin the process, God will meet you there.

Blessings for your thinking and let me know what God is saying!

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