Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Alert!

What projects lurk around your life
threatening to jump out
and intimidate you?

This week I have been sewing away on some cushion covers, which I had promised my daughter-in-law I would make. My son texted me last week with: How ‘bout them cushion covers. I texted him right back with: They’ll be in the mail next week. I am sad to say it had been 4 months since I had made the promise.

I have never made anything like cushion covers before so I felt a little intimidated and kept justifying the delay. The project required brushing up on rusty skills and mastering a few new ones. But the only way I was going to get the project done was to get it out and do it. Now, the added pressure of a deadline was good for motivation.

As I sewed along, I begin to ask myself why had I waited so long to finish this project. Mainly, I just kept thinking I would have more time on another day but more time on another day never came. As I kept on sewing, I began creatively envisioning what I needed to do to make the covers. Eventually, the thrill of seeing progress towards the finished product gently rose to the surface of my heart. I had gotten my mind off the excuses and on to the vision of completion. That was key. Now, my goal and the way to achieve it were clearly in focus.

Completing the cushion covers has had its rewards. First, a weight is taken off of my mind. Next, I did acquire more skill and a newfound confidence. Last but not least, the knowing that I was able to help my daughter in law turn her house into a beautiful home.

Our promises are so important. When we tell others we are going to do something, we need to make plans and set deadlines to do them. We hurt others and our credibility when we are not persistent to complete the task in a timely manner. Count the cost before you say “yes” or if possible, renegotiate the deadline. Being too busy is not really a good excuse for faltering on your word. People are depending on you.  (And as you can see, I am still tweaking this one.)

What has been distracting you from making time to finish what you have started? Have you made promises you need to keep? I challenge you to get a project out, make a deadline and start visualizing the finish line. At the end, I know you will be delighted with the benefits of completion.


  1. I, too, am guilty of putting things off. I have numerous art projects started (or ready to be started because I found an item that inspired me to do it). Yet in my studio they sit, piled up, mocking me.
    I do the same thing with writing, whether it's a blog post or an article.
    Deadlines! I must set deadlines for myself--with consequences that matter! Perhaps I need to put my money where my mouth is....

    1. Somethings I will do right away but there are somethings I keep shoving aside. Oh the life of a human...LOL!