Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am not going to bet around the bush. There is nothing more important to our lives in this season of the year then to take time out to educate yourself and use your right to vote. As Christians, if we don’t take the time to inform ourselves before we vote, then the enemy wins. If our voting style is going to be eenie meenie miney mo, then enemy wins again. If we buy into the lie our vote doesn’t really matter and do not bother to vote, the enemy wins as well. We as a nation need to start treating this responsibility and privilege with more respect.

I have to admit I have gone to the voting booth many times and come away ashamed of my lack of wisdom on who to elect. But I am sensing more and more that the people who we choose to govern over us will change the way we will be able to witness for the Lord in the days to come. I know that the climate is already getting tight. Do I want it to get tighter before it has to?

How important is the right to vote? We think that privilege will always be there when we want to use it. What if it wasn’t? Not in America, you say? Maybe not but what would we do if the unthinkable did happen? 

People from countries with no voice on anything are always amazed at our nation’s apathy about going to the poles. They say that if we had to live in the atmosphere they have had to experience for day to day, then we would run to the poles again. A dose of reality for each of us could be life changing for our nation.

I know in the end, God is in control no matter who is elected. And…even after the voting, we will need to continue to pray and intercede for those in authority so it will go well with us. But if we show God that we do not really care, then He may respond accordingly.

During these next few days before the elections, let’s pledge to pray, to get informed, to vote, and to encourage others to do the same. When you are deciding whom to choose…keep in mind the morals and biblical principles God has carefully instilled within you. Seek God’s wisdom as you study the platforms of each candidate. If you seek in faith, God will show you all you need to know.

I love this country and all our founding Fathers did to ensure freedom for all.  I feel privileged to have been born here and not some place where freedom is only for the few. Therefore, I do not want to take for granted the opportunities I have been given by not voting. If we will pray and seek His face, God will unfold the future and hope He has for America.

I pray you will join me at the polls on November 6th
May God bless the results.


  1. You've given everyone lots to think about before voting. Research the candidates before pulling the lever for them, then there are no surprises when they get elected. Also remember the things that God is for and against and vote to please Him. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Voting is so important. I pray that each of us get the wind of the Spirit before we enter the voting booth.